The Benefits of Therapy

Clients who come to therapy may have a range of issues they would like to see resolved such as:

Bereavement, anxiety, stress, depression and feelings of emptiness, long-term mental health issues, anger, being bullied, re-occurring physical health problems, cancer, eating disorders, Insomnia, relationship problems, divorce, lack of self-esteem, trauma, abuse, suicide, work related issues, domestic violence and an interest in personal growth and self-discovery.

Because I offer talking and art therapy, during the session there is an opportunity to verbalise thoughts and feelings as well as make art. Hence, it is a double sworded approach where both types of therapies are utilised and the client is able to gain the benefits of talking and art making together.

The sessions are also about working together to help you understand the obstacles that hold you back, and the feelings that are involved, so you can solve your own problems on your journey of life. The sessions provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental place to discuss your feelings, motives, the future and to gain of peace of mind.

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